Hi, I'm Ainna

Once upon a time I really did own the domain Ainna.me, but I didn't get to maintain it, so here we are, back to a subdomain. ^^; I am mainly a fandom content consumer, but owning a domain gives me a more distinctive and tailored alternative to the fan spaces social media sites provide—most likely because I grew up in a time when one's online presence had to be built from scratch.

Interests: animation · anime/manga · detective shows · sitcoms and stand-up comedy · canon (mostly het) ships · fanfiction & doujinshi · BTS (Borahae!)

I treat fan spaces as a form of escape to de-stress. I like animation and anime/manga a lot, and what others would be quick to dismiss as a childhood passion never outgrown is to me a very particular genre of work whose visual style has always appealed to me. I tend to be ship-focused in the fandoms I engage in, most of them het (NL) and canon (yes, how boring, I know lol). I do have some BL and GL ships I adore, too, canon or otherwise. I have been reading fics on various platforms since 1997, and I still indulge in fanfiction on an almost daily basis. I also used to commission art from online fanartists, and I also collect doujinshi from the circles/mangaka I like.

Fandoms I have actively engaged in at some point in my life: YYH · IY · WK · BLEACH · CP · JQ:TRA · HP (Harmony) · MCU (T/P) · VLD (Sheith) · BTS (YoonMin)

I've been in various fandoms over the decades, but currently I'm very much into BTS—I've been a full-fledged ARMY (complete with the fanclub kit & ID card) since February 2020, and most of my spare time is spent just immersing myself in their content. As if spending money on domains isn't enough, I also throw away my hard-earned cash on Bangtan merch and collectibles: I have a more-than-adequate collection of their album, DVD, BR, and rare photocards and postcards.


my design philosophy

Webdesign has been my pastime since 1999, having taught myself how to use graphics software and hand-code layouts in PHP/HTML/CSS with Notepad. To this day, putting up small fan tributes has always appealed to me as the best way to express my love for my multiple and frequently-changing fandoms.

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In what is perhaps a misguided sense of nostalgia, however, I choose to happily remain anchored to a time when personal sites were made for visitors who could only access the internet through their computers. Hence, all my sites are optimized for the most common resolution, 1366x768, and are best viewed on desktop, not mobile.


domain/layout history

Building small hobby websites is my brand of fun, and this domain serves as my online studio and playground. I specialize in niche microsites, from directories and fanlistings to one-page dedication sites, that allow me to put up pretty layouts for my enjoyment. Creatively, webdesign has afforded me a creative escape and an intimate alternative to the mindless, templated content most SNSs provide.

minty.NU [2020-present] was preceded by beatifique.org [2008-2013], koishii.org [20017-2018], northstar.nu [2019-2023], and hakanai.net [2019-2023].

Below are sucky tiny screencaps of the past layouts I made for my collective (hosted at my previous domain, Northstar.nu). I claim no ownership of any of the characters or celebrities featured here, the rights of whom belong to their respective creators and/or management companies. I am just a fan showing appreciation. No infringement is intended. All fanart are used with permission from their respective artists, while official image use is guided by the Fair Use Clause. For more details, please go to the Fine Print subsection.


Well, hello there

I'm Ainna, a collector and a webdesign hobbyist who fangirls over things that only I find interesting. I needed a space to put all my feelings, and that's how minty.NU came to be.

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My brand of fun is building personal sites and fan projects, like the ones below. Check them out! You can also find out a little bit more about me through the menu at the bottom.